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ICONN Answer II Suture Anchor

Designed from the ground up with a dual focus on quality and cost, resulting in implants priced at 1/2 to 1/3 of competitive anchors.


•  $10,000 – $75,000 in annual savings per surgeon
•  Reduce implant cost in shoulder procedures by 50-75%
•  Wrap-around suture eyelet eliminates eyelet failure & simplifies assembly
•  In-surgery assembly allows for modularity of suture/tape configurations and reduces inventory burden
•  Instrumentation designed for use with all three anchor sizes for more efficient delivery


•  4.75MM, 5.5MM, and 6.5MM sizes
•  Solvay’s Zeniva PEEK material provides excellent biocompatibility and structural integrity
•  4.75MM can be loaded with two #2 HS Fiber Sutures
•  5.5MM and 6.5MM can be loaded with two or three #2 HS Fiber Sutures, TetherTape™, or TetherTape™ plus one or two #2 HS Fiber Sutures
•  Suture channel design allows for independent sliding of sutures/tape to aid in knot tying


ICONN Answer II Assembly Video
ICONN Answer II Surgical Video

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