Driving Value in Healthcare.

Driving Value in Healthcare.

ICONN’s revolutionary approach is to drive value into every aspect of our business; from product design and engineering to distribution and delivery and every step in between.

We are designing products, and even more so, a company which is equally as innovative from a performance standpoint as from a cost-reduction standpoint.

ICONN Products

Cost Reduction is driven through efficiency in design and delivery as opposed to constraining quality. We apply this principle of Cost Innovation to each and every product we develop. This allows us to raise the bar on quality without raising the price point.

  • “The ICONN anchor family is comparable or better than any suture anchor that I have previously used…Not only do they allow for excellent patient care, they facilitate lower costs to the patient and to the healthcare system as a whole.”
    — Amir Jamali, MD | Walnut Creek, CA
  • “There is no reason why any surgeon performing labral repair shouldn’t use this anchor.”
    — Jeb Broyles, MD | Baton Rouge, LA (on first use of ICONN Square Knotless)
  • “Innovation generally comes at a higher cost but not in this case. ICONN is the first orthopedic company I’ve seen that has an innovative product with excellent value while lessening the burden of medical waste by having reusable drivers and minimal packaging.”
    — Avinash Kumar, MD | Bradenton, FL

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